Can You Prove the Collatz Sequence

(and become the next mathematics rock star!)


A Collatz Sequence starts with an integer i that is greater than one.



Normal Form


Short Form

 If i is even:
 If i is odd:


then i=i/2.

then i=3i+1.


then i=i/2.

then i=(3i+1)/2.


It has been shown, but never proven, that all such sequences will end in one.

See for yourself.

Enter any integer greater than one, and a Collatz Sequence will be generated.

If you wish to see the short form of the sequence, check the box.

In the center a graph of the sequence is displayed.

On the right the binary representation of the sequence is displayed

How does the length of the sequence change with i?


Starting Integer:


Short Form:                   



Graph of the Sequence

Decimal-Binary-Base 3 Sequence